Terms and Conditions

  • The seller will get part/full payment when the product is installed and fully functional at buyer’s site address.
  • The buyer need to sign the agreement to purchase a transformer along with 30% deposit.
  • Once the product is installed and fully functional at buyer’s site, the buyer has to give full payment of the product.
  • Once buyer agrees to buy a product and refuses to do so afterwards then he is bound to pay 20% of price of the product. In addition to this, to and fro transportation cost if the product is sent to buyer’s site address.
  • If buyer chooses to transport the transformer by his own means then damage to the transformer during transportation will be at his own risk. We are not bound to reimburse in that case.
  • Depending on package selected by buyer, the transformer will be tested at seller’s site only.
  • Include information clearly stating when payment is due in full, such as a 30-day period. Indicate any information on late payments, interest charged and returned checks, if appropriate. Fully cover all aspects of shipping, such as cost, insurance, freight charges and returns.
  • Offer a privacy statement indicating you are committed to protecting the customer’s privacy. Let him know that his information is considered confidential and will not be sold, shared or rented to any third party.
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